Prison Ministry

vangelization to those in area prisons is an important part of Glory to God's purposeFrank Werder is the coordinator for Prison Ministries and is very active in many aspects of the ministry. Below is a report on recent activity: 
A new soul became a part of the Catholic Church on Christmas Day.  One of the ladies at the women's prison (Topeka Correctional Facility) was received into the Catholic Church  and was Confirmed.  She and others at the prison had requested an RCIA class.  "Maggie" generously responded to the need.  "Betty" joined her to provide instruction in the Catholic Faith.  After several weeks of instruction the young woman was ready and eager to join the Church.  The ceremony was very simple, but profound.  There was a large turnout for the ceremony - 3 or 4 times as many as usually attend Mass.  It may have been because of Christmas, or because of the high esteem in which the other ladies hold this young woman.   "Betty" will continue with a Bible study using the DVD's and study guides from the "Footprints of God Series'.  They viewed the DVD and discussed "Mary, Mother of God' and are preparing  "Over Holy Ground" and "Moses, Signs, Sacraments and Salvation."